The Battle Ahead Requires Decision Makers and An Arsenal of Cybersecurity Talent

Our training integrates application-based learning solutions
that model real-world job tasks, relevant knowledge, and corporate employment requirements for executive decision-makers. We offer DoD 8570-compliant courses.

Improving Workforce Readiness Beyond Skillsets

Our workforce readiness approach ensures executive managers strike the right information and roadmap to drive cyber protection.
This inclusive approach helps executive leadership become “human firewalls” and execute best practices. 
While focusing on developing workforce skills is necessary, it’s just one obstacle in challenging workforce readiness and market demands. The cybersecurity landscape changes rapidly, and executive managers are challenged to upskill their staff and cybersecurity approach.

Through the SEMAIS “Workforce Readiness” program, executive management can develop actionable plans and solutions that reduce risk and develop a “hacker-minded” staff. It extends cybersecurity training into personalized learning, leadership, and a holistic defense model. It also encourages executive managers to understand the growth mindset culture and enhance engagement strategies.

01. Cybersecurity for Executive Managers and Decision-Makers

Creating a cybersecure organization is a crucial goal for every enterprise. With cybersecurity decisions affecting operations, every executive manager must understand cybersecurity engagements and practical steps to secure their enterprise. In today’s landscape of escalating cybercrime, mitigating cyber risk is not the Chief Information Security Officer’s responsibility alone—it is everyone’s job. Getting ahead of hackers and other security risks requires executive decisions and an overall commitment to building a cybersecurity culture.
This in-depth training is designed to help executive managers and decision-makers, such as the Director of IT or Security, CISO, CIO, CTO, CEO, or other Executive Leadership roles, understand and strategize cybersecurity into a working model. The course also supports federal positions such as ISSOs, IAM, ISO, or Security Managers. Attendees will learn how to deploy leadership as a tool and practical techniques to mature cybersecurity programs. Additionally, the training will help executive managers understand cyber visibility, operational resilience, and key strategies to drive cyber protection.

Learning Objectives

  • Defining the C suite Role When It Comes to Cybersecurity
  • Framing Cybersecurity Leadership and Development
  • Designing a Cybersecurity Culture That Models the Organization’s Landscape
  • Examine critical strategies to improve workforce readiness.
  • Managing and Implementing Technologies for the Enterprise
  • Orchestrating A Functional Vulnerability Management Program
  • Practical Strategies to Manage Cyber Risks and Resilience
  • Develop Your Board-Level Protection Plan for the Enterprise
Name Duration Location Cost
Cybersecurity for Executive Management (Seminar)
4 – Hours
Cybersecurity for Executive Management (Seminar)
8 – Hours

02. Vulnerability Management Lifecycle for Executive Leadership​

One critical program that shapes cybersecurity risks is having a strategic approach to remediate vulnerabilities. Organizations must prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk-based remediation processes, data-driven metrics, and severities. SEMAIS “Vulnerability Management Lifecycle for Executive Leadership” training resolves this deficiency by dissecting vulnerability management. This workshop is tailored for decision-makers and strategic leaders, including Directors of IT or Security, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, and other Executive Leadership roles. The course also supports federal positions such as ISSOs, IAM, ISO, or Security Managers. It goes beyond technical aspects, focusing on the systemic process of VM that aligns management, operational, and technical approaches, enhancing proficiency and organizational alignment. The course also offers insights into challenges, strategies, and best practices supporting the vulnerability management lifecycle. Typical discussions for governance strategies, performing a Current State Analysis (CSA), baselining the enterprise, developing remediation plans, risk prioritization, and how asset, configuration, and cyber tools intersect are also discussed. The training positions executive management to gain advanced visibility into their vulnerability management program, drive cyber protection and operational resilience,  and proactively detect blindspots and also remediate security flaws.

Learning Objectives
  • Develop a comprehensive definition of vulnerability management and its relationship to ITSM.
  • Explain key resources and inputs to the vulnerability management program.
  • Explain how asset, configuration, and other programs interface with vulnerability management.
  • Explain the core phases and functions for discovery, risk prioritization, remediation, and reporting.
  • Discuss the purpose of a Current State Analysis and Continuous Risk Scoring
  • Explain how API and Cyber Tools support the Vulnerability Management program.
Name Duration Location Cost
Vulnerability Management for Executive Leadership (Seminar)
4 – Hours
Vulnerability Management for Executive Leadership (Workshop)
8 – Hours

03. Executive Leadership Certification Offered

Gain your DoD Level 3 and NICE Framework CISSP certification

Semais has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE) program as a preferred vendor. Our partnership provides flexible resources and an avenue for executive management to develop their skill sets and stay competitive in the technology market. As a partner with NICE, Semais is committed to cultivating an integrated workforce that models the nation’s plans, goals, and workforce requirements.
Using the NICE Framework as a fundamental reference, Semais can also help improve the communication needed to identify, recruit, and develop talent. The NICE Framework employs focused, consistent language in professional development programs, in the use of industry certifications and academic credentials, and in the selection of relevant training opportunities for their workforce.

Name Duration Location Cost
8 – Hours
Virtual | Onsite
$2895 | $3395

Value Added Service


Executive managers must plan cybersecurity or fail cybersecurity. Come and learn how to plan cybersecurity engagements.


Do you know what’s on your enterprise? Our value-added training will teach you to identify blindspots.


Maturity is about you and hackers. We provide aveneues for you to understand your maturity state.


Your staff has to be trained and equipped. This is where we can help progress the workforce and “beat hackers” to the finish line.

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