Developing An Arsenal of Cybersecurity Talent

Our training integrates application-based learning solutions
that model real-world job tasks, relevant knowledge,
and corporate employment requirements. We offer DoD 8570 compliant courses.

Get certified for your security skills - Gain your DoD 8570 certifications with Semais

Semais has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE) program as a preferred vendor. Our partnership provides a flexible resources and an avenue for career oriented professionals to develop their skill-sets and stay competitive in the technology market. As a partner with NICE, Semais is committed to cultivating an integrated workforce that models the nations plans, goals, and workforce requirements.

Using the NICE Framework as a fundamental reference Semais can help improve the communication needed to identify, recruit, and develop talent. The NICE Framework employs focused, consistent language in professional development programs, in their use of industry certifications and academic credentials, and in their selection of relevant training opportunities for their workforce.

Skill Gap Closure

The core outcome of our Cybersecurity Workforce Development program is designed to strengthen skill sets and increase learning. As technology changes, so must the certification pipeline and relevant course information. Our training courses integrate technology changes and knowledge-based information that leverages the “how to” perform your job. Most training companies focus on “Teaching-the-Test,” and not “Teaching-the-Student.” A well-trained student can overcome skill set deficiencies and counter security attacks. Through industry research and trends, the CyWD combines career development and skill set analysis. Students are moderated through a standard progress report. Prior to employment, this process can strengthen skill sets and promote learning.

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