Integrating “360-Degree” of Security Visibility Into Technology Platforms

Drive resilience, protect enterprise assets, and lower risks against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats

Keeping Security On target
Sustaining Visibility Through Our Services

The security landscape has been challenged to resolve many issues, and the priority of defending information, data, and resources has become critical. Many government and commercial entities align with the belief that risks are ever-increasing and affecting technology. With advanced cyber risks, threats, and high operational environments developing, entities require more protection and innovation. This is driven by different obstacles and technology having many security needs and layers. Are you prepared to face the challenges, and can you keep up with the pace? Come partner with SEMAIS! We can reduce risk exposure for cybersecurity programmatic, technical, and operational challenges ahead of adverse situations. Let’s work together and resolve problems.

Cybersecurity Advisory Service

Vulnerability Management Lifecycle Support

Digital Modernization

Cybersecurity Assess & Authorization

Cybersecurity Program Management Support

End Point Security Service

Governance Risk & Compliance

Software Assurance (SwA)

Workforce Development

360o of Security Visibility

As organizations operate, transform, and digitally modernize, their security posture must evolve and drive resilience across multiple platforms. It may appear simple, but many organizations lose track of their security programs and fail to implement an end-to-end process that prioritizes security. Consider just one rogue device roaming around an enterprise for 30 days! When combined with newer threats and high-tempo environments, organizations’ risks will increase, and their protection will decrease – this goes against the cybersecurity core principle of “increase protection and lower risk.

360 of Security Visibility

We can create a sustainable model
that aligns core principles and accelerate protection and risk reduction by aiming to

Develop a Cybersecurity roadmap to support clients and government agencies target operating model and governance strategy​

Increase security visibility and risk reduction across platforms and operations

Identify threat holes and security gaps that are in the blind or overlooked

Design, build, and operate an end-to-end vulnerability management program

Reimage security into a structured process that integrates platform collaboration

Involve continuous monitoring strategies that speak security adherence

Formalize End of Lifecycle (EOL) process for aging systems and applications

Developing cyber-resilient systems, which include the protection of physical and computer and network systems

Use business transformation and digital modernization methodologies to create current and future states

Optimize automation strategies, RMF, and Security Assessments

Who We Are

Accelerating Solutions and Managing Risks Through Cybersecurity Transformation and Digital Modernization


Cybersecurity Maturation


Consulting Service

Cybersecurity Advisory

Get real-time protection for business-critical databases from external, internal, and even intra-database exploits, all in a software-based offering.

Vulnerability Management
Lifecycle Support

Automatically crawl and assess web applications to identify vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF.

Cybersecurity Assess & Authorization

Secure testing provides a comprehensive performance platform for quickly validating and optimizing web and mobile user experience from sophisticated internet

Consulting Service

Supports security integration and technology risk reduction through assessments

Training Service

Preparing students to enter the workforce through skill-gap closure and knowledge-based learning.

Our Approach Is Simple


Assess Identify vulnerabilities and threats to internal and external organizational resources. Plan Risk Management Initiatives


Formalize system design and automate security controls so that you can build security into every IT management process.


Protect Supports the ability to limit or contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity event. Implement Risk Management Initiatives

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Securing information assets requires a solution provider that can assess, detect, and protect security weakness.
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