Let's Activate Security Defenses
Beyond The Surface

Securing information assets requires a solution provider that can assess, protect, and
detect security weakness.

Keeping Security on Target

Our business domains furnish ongoing observation, discovery, evaluation, analysis and diagnosis of data security posture, cyber hygiene and cybersecurity operational readiness to support organizational risk management decisions.

Cyber Security Engineering

We focus on the integration of application for software assurance related tasks.

Security and Risk Management

We concentrate on driving a “realistic security picture”. This consist of
analyzing risks.

Enterprise Security Services

We focus on the security configuration and integration of resource based for SDLC.

Cyber Workforce development

We provide workforce related
training for the CISSP, COMPTIA
Sec +, NIST Risk Management.

Key Capabilities We Offer

Cybersecurity Program Management Support

For the establishment, oversight and delivery performance monitoring and improvement

Software Assurance (SwA)

For assessing web applications and developers coding practice.

Cybersecurity Assess & Authorize (A&A)

As per DoDI 8510.01, NIST SP 800-30 and NIST SP 800-37.

Malware Prevention (MP)

To detect malicious code at transport network entry/exit points.

Vulnerability Management

For system and application using HBSS, ACAS, IBM Big Fix, SCCM, or other tools to remediate vulnerabilities.

Security Architecture and Engineering

To ensure baseline controls and security zones are implemented based on SDLC, DISA STIGS, RMF, DoD and Federal standards.

Cybersecurity Assessments & Audit Readiness

For agencies based on FISMA, OIG and DoD standards.

End Point Security

To secure assets by engineering Tenable SC and IO, Data Loss Prevention, and Anti-Virus products into enterprises.

Award & Certifications

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