End Point Security Service

Protecting devices through chain security and visibility

End Point Security Service

The endpoint landscape is constantly changing, and businesses of all sizes are attractive targets for cyberattacks. This is common knowledge, even among small businesses, and protecting sensitive data is critical. This sounds simple, but managing and reducing endpoint risks is challenging. Protecting against endpoint attacks is challenging because endpoints exist where humans and machines intersect. Businesses struggle to protect their systems without interfering with the legitimate activities of their employees. And while technological solutions can be highly effective, an employee's chances of succumbing to a social engineering attack can be mitigated but never entirely prevented.

SEMAIS Solutions
Can Reduce Risk for Endpoint Devices

Our endpoint service removes data spillage, protects privacy information, and integrates security technologies to laptops, computers, smartphones, and wireless devices. We have experience using MacAfee DLP and Anti-Virus products to secure endpoints. We identify measures to protect against data loss - especially once data moves outside the network perimeter. Typical tools used to manage endpoints and malware.

Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS)

The Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) is Tenable Nessus as an integrated software solution that is scalable to an unlimited number of locations. We can deploy, administer, and manage an agency's vulnerability management program and deploy security analytics that model actual risk indicators.

Host-Based Security System (HBSS)

HBSS is a McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) product and security application. Our team can administer, manage, and deploy the product for the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Routed Network (NIPRNet) and Secret Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNet) networks; and administer, operate, and maintain and secure its network interfaces.

Tenable Security

Tenable provides security and vulnerability scanning tools for endpoint vulnerability assessments and management. Our team can use Tenable SC, Tenable IO, Tenable EP, and onsite Nessus scanners to probe vulnerabilities in computers, servers, infrastructure devices, web applications, cloud, and Operating Systems.

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Securing information assets requires a solution provider that can assess, detect, and protect security weakness.
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