Cybersecurity Engineering​

Our engineers battle the front lines of cybersecurity to deliver the most innovative and
comprehensive service while protecting enterprise assets.
We Use A Holistic Advisory Approach
We perform the designing, implementing, optimizing, and supporting for cyber security applications and infrastructure; and navigate security-related requirements to support:
Our Engineering Solutions are Modernized and Applicable

Recommends information technology solutions to resolve customer problems.

Configure and tune IT security systems to optimize performance and alerting.

Integrate solutions with other technology solutions such as active directory, backups, networking devices, and security solutions.

Design data flow and engineer data life cycle to determine how data is originated, enriched, stored, and disposed to meets compliance and business requirements.

Produce documentation such as data flows, data dictionaries, user guides, or operating procedures, user guides, operating procedures, systems design documents, disaster recovery documentation.

Connecting Solutions, Operations, and Technologies to Engineering Concepts
Our Cyber Security Engineering process focuses on the security aspects and the system design to reduce exploits and threats.
Security Tools and Integration

Host-Based Security System (HBSS)

HBSS is a McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) product and security application that uses Our team can administer, manage, and deploy the product for the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Routed Network (NIPRNet) and Secret Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNet) networks; and administer, operate, maintain and secure its network interfaces.

Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS)

The Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) is Tenable Nessus as an integrated software solution that is scalable to an unlimited number of locations. We can deploy, administer, and manage an agency’s vulnerability management program and deploy security analytics that model actual risk indicators.

Software Assurance (SwA)

SEMAIS process for SwA ensures that the processes, procedures, and products conform to all requirements and standards. We perform dynamic and static code analysis using tools such as HP Fortify and Web Inspect to discover coding errors based on OWASP, DISA STIG, or other standards.

End Point Security

Protecting sensitive data is critical. Our engineering approach removes data spillage, protects privacy information, and integrate security technologies to laptops, computers, smartphones, and wireless devices. We hold experience at using MacAfee DLP products and Anti-Virus products to secure endpoints. We identify measures to protect against data loss - especially once data moves outside the network perimeter.

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About Us
Securing information assets requires a solution provider that can assess, detect, and protect security weakness.
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