Aligning Cyber Security Workstreams to Reduce Enterprise Risks

The Cyber Security industry has grown to become a much-needed resource to sustaining critical IT systems and protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and misuse. The concept of designing systems and Cyber laws has benefited, but to fully protect assets and resources, corporations require skilled and qualified professionals.


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Cyber Workforce Development

► CISSP Prep Course

► Tailored Cyber Security Training

► Cyber Awareness Workshop

► Security Plus Prep Course

► Risk Management Framework Workshop





 Security and Risk Management

► FISMA  and FedRamp Guidance

► Goverance, Risk ,and Compliance (GRC)

► NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF)

► Risk Assessment and Software Assurance (SwA)

► Vulnerability Management


Cyber Security Engineering


► Security Implementation

► Security Architecture Services

► Security Development and Testing

► Trusted Internet Connection (TIC)





Enterprise Security Services

► Configuration Management

► Data Security

► End Point Security Integration

► Security Tools

► Security Policies




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