Enterprise Security‚Äč

Our enterprise solutions validate readiness and the entire operational environment to optimize and maintain the security architecture.

Layers of Enterprise Architechure

As organizations transform and digitally modernize, their security state of readiness must continuously evolve through an  ongoing, collaborative effort between business and  technology. The maturity of the Enterprise Architect (EA) reflects the varying states of governance,  decision processes, integration, and standardization  across the enterprise. We deliver a centralized  security management structure to keep visible  content secure within a client’s enterprise security  model. Reducing enterprise risks is our business.


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Enterprise Security

Application Security Services

Application security addresses the design, development, validation, and usage of applications. With the wide disperse of web-based programs and industry risks, you need a solution provider that can operate within the fabric of application security. We can secure your applications by performing web-app assessments and secure code reviews.

Data Security Services

As organizations onboard different data points, privacy standards, electronic public health information (ePHI), and cloud-based initiatives, protecting data becomes critical. Knowing where data resides and protecting the repository reduces legal issues and instills public confidence. This is where Semais expertise and data protection solutions operate.

Access Authorization and Identity Management Service

Knowing who, what, and when should employees gain privileged access requires various identity and access management solutions. We can articulate and drive identity integration and employee access through Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV), or other industry-based solutions. Our solutions can architect and navigate your access authorization and identity management requirements.

Endpoint Services

Service connection desktops, mobile devices, kiosks, or other endpoint is challenging. Configuring devices and assigning visibility rights requires system-wide consideration. A defect in endpoint security can cause malware, data loss, false-positive analysis, or undiscovered assets. We can install agents and configure your endpoints to sustain 360-degree compliance and visibility success.

Providing Enterprises with 360-degree
of Security Visibility

Assist in setting the information security methodology, implementation standards, strategic plan and schedule.

Integration of Cloud-Based Security services through migration and ongoing development.

Execute a shared security model for application, data, system and network designs.

Build analytics platforms to discover security state and operational requirements.

Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data residing through VPN, DMZ, or cloud-based platforms and data repositories.

Implement analytics driven SIEMs to combine big data platforms.

Security tool integration and optimizing operational performance.

Award & Certifications