Security Plus (401)

Course Description

Security Plus (401) is a certification dealing with computer security topics such as network security, cryptography and access control, as well as business-related topics such as disaster recovery and risk management.  It serves as the basic foundation for individuals who have 0-2 years of security experience.  Students will gain a methodology to understanding basic IT Security concepts and aligning those concepts to professional experience for mastering the exam.  The course is designed to satisfy DoD 8570 requirements. Click here for a brief example of SEMAIS Security Plus course.


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Areas of Discussion

Security Fundamentals - The basics to security requires an understanding of the CIA Triad and how it correlates to building a secure architect. Administrative security best practices and legal aspects of security is introduced to building the learning foundation of Cyber Security.


• General Security Concepts

• Organizational Security and Risk Management

• Legal Issues, Privacy, and Ethics


Cryptography and Applications  - The concept of encrypting data requires an understanding of key exchange technologies and standards to secure information through channels without compromising data.


•  Cryptography

•  Public Key Infrastructure

•  Standards and Protocols


Network Security - Security functions within the OSI  Model and provide different support to secure applications and data. The

use  of infrastructure devices such as routers, switches, and hubs and introduced to learn how data flows, and the impact of protocols and IP addressing for access control.


• Physical Security

• Infrastructure Security

• Authentication and Remote Access

• Wireless Security


Security Threats and Vulnerabilities - The transfer of data through the Internet can be compromised and cause intrusions to occur. To protect data,  email and web applications security has to be monitored to prevent attacks from occurring.


• Intrusion Detection Systems

• Security Baselines

• Types of Attacks and Malicious Software

• E-Mail and Instant Messaging

• Web Components


Compliance and Operational Security  - An organization has to introduce a process that will help manage configuration changes and protect assets based on privilege agreements.  Daily operations can suffer loss of critical data when an emergency occurs and contingency operations fail.


• Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

• Risk Management

• Change Management

• Privilege Management

• Computer Forensics




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