RMF Resource Management Services

SEMAIS Approach

With evolving security issues that impact Risk Management, System Changes, and Security Operational requirements, management of RMF resources and structuring the requirements can become a challenge. This is where SEMAIS expertise and Resource Management Services exceed those challenges for RMF deliverables and success.

Our Resource Management Services provide a  "Market Place" to order multiple services related to the RMF activities. These activities listed below are all inclusive of the RMF from initial system development to decommission of the system. The services provide managers and RMF associated personnel with the resource tools to conduct ongoing assessment of a system or application; and order special related services for RMF tasks and deliverables.

"Our mission is to function as the sole-source for customers RMF required services."








  • Program Development and Support
  • Security Control Assessment (SCA)
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
  • Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring
  • Artifact Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • RMF Training
  • eMass Support
  • Security Authorization (ATO)
  • DIACAP Transition
  •  RMF PreAssessment
  • Automated Tools: ACAS, HBSS, or Vulnerator
  • DISA STIGS Implementation


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