Enterprise Architect  (EA) 101

To fully implement Esec requires the adoption of EA and its core principles. SEMAIS models the adoption by utilizing the following concepts:

  • Enterprise architecture provides a common basis for understanding and communicating how systems are structured to meet strategic objectives.
  • Instead of allowing a single solution (Custom or COTS) to drive the technology, EA provides a balanced approach to the selection, design, development and deployment of all the solutions to support the enterprise.
  • Enterprise architecture allows stakeholders to prioritize and justify often conflicting technology trade-off decisions based on the big picture.
  • Enterprise architecture leads to consolidation and simplification; more disciplined approaches to system planning, funding and development; better risk management with fewer false starts (Malan and Bredemeyer, June 2005).



 Value of Enterprise Security Services

As organizations transform, their security state of readiness must continuously evolve through an ongoing, collaborative effort between business and technology. The maturity of the Enterprise Architect (EA) reflects the varying states of governance, decision processes, integration, and standardization across the enterprise. Where processes are integrated and enterprise information capabilities have been adopted (e.g., enterprise shared services) there will be greater efficiencies and quality improvement that can create savings and increased satisfaction with services.

To drive Enterprise Security Services (Esec), SEMAIS focus on working with the customer to structure and make visible content that describes strategies, objectives, mission and business activities, information, systems and applications, security solutions, and supporting technologies for architectural changes and transition to IT Service Management Framework.  Our process aligns security policies, data security, security tools, security operations, and compliance as a singular vision.




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