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The Cyberworkforce Development

Key Capabilities

Cyber Security is an integrated function within IT Technologies and its resources.  To align strategies for deterrence and increase Cyber Professionals proficiency, SEMAIS delivers workforce planning and training based on relevant skills to operate and defend networks in an increasingly threat-based environment.

The integration of our Workforce Analysis and Reporting (WAR) process  helps facilitate future training needs, workforce gaps, learning requirements, and alignment of skillsets to employee tasks.  We gather our data from clients human resource system and automated tool selection.  The data gathered and reported address different trend analysis – such as skill-set deficiencies, manpower gaps, or training goals.  These trends have a pronounced impact on the way security professionals should approach their jobs.  Understanding the probable implications of the trends, help supervisors and managers  position employees to align employment goals to annual workforce requirements.

 Semais Training Methodology

In the past, most training companies focused at providing “Teaching-the-Test,” and not “Teaching-the-Student.”  Here at SEMAIS we employ a different methodology to this practice by focusing on the concepts and aligning those concepts with applicative theories.  This core practice ensures clients receive the most qualified training for career success. The result of this methodology will use various methods from practice tests, recognized technical publications, or practical experience from students and technical instructors.

Our service and training focus on standards outlined by best industry practices and various regulations and frameworks such as FISMA, NIST, and ISO 27002 that supports deliverables for an Information Technology Security program. SEMAIS has the unique advantage of delivering these products based upon experience and understanding of information technology standards and workforce development programs.  We are registered as a National Provider by the Department of Homeland Security.

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