Solution Strategy

Technology is ever changing and require process improvement strategies to align IT Services and Business goal for organizational growth.  Various tools and processes are available to support shortfalls and implementation of standards, guidelines, practices, and procedures based on security frameworks and solutions.

How do you resolve solutions? Do you practice the "Trial-By-Error" method. What is your approach to developing practical and realistic goals for Cyber Security solutions? If your solutions are not planned, researched, and implemented based on standards such as NIST, DoD 8500, FIPS, and FISMA  potential risks, compliance, and system Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process will have issues.

SEMAIS employs a solution method that models system, software, or project methodologies. This innovative approach called RDIE employs formal planning process for  solution requirements, design, implementation, and evaluation.  This methodology will provide a formal procedure to determine which solution aligns to the business process.

Why Consult With SEMAIS?

The Cyber Security industry has adopted many standards and management strategies to become compliant.  These standards require in-depth interpretation and sound solutions to ensure compliance for corporations and government systems. Do you have all the solutions?

The privacy laws are changing and security best practices are sometimes omitted from governance strategies. Management has been facing tough decisions to maintain Defense Accreditation for DoD 8500 compliance through Vulnerability Assessments, Security Technical Information Guides (STIGS) implementation, and regulatory policies  to achieve DIACAP Authority to Operate (ATO).  What are your shortfalls?

Are you challenged for meeting compliance through Cyber Security and Information Assurance programs, processes, or procedures that are obsolete, dysfunctional,  or non-compliant? If so, SEMAIS has the expertise and  Best-Business-Process to assist in achieving  compliance. Leave the tough work to SEMAIS!



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